8 and 16 hour courses are now available to receive your Concealed Carry permit. Call 217.652.2217 to inquire about classes.
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Illinois Concealed Carry Classes Now Available

About Us

Capitol Firearms Academy is dedicated to providing professional firearms training to responsible individuals and promoting the safe use and handling of firearms.

Whether you are interested in getting your concealed carry permit, recreational shooting, competition, home safety, or personal protection, we can help!

Are you looking to purchase a new pistol? Would you like to learn about how to safely use, store and clean a pistol? Are you interested in getting a concealed carry permit?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, consider taking one of our NRA Basic pistol or First Steps Firearms training classes

We offer NRA Certified Firearms Courses to help you stay safe. You will learn and develop the Knowledge, Skills and Attitude that are necessary for safe and confident firearm handling and shooting.

All our courses are taught by NRA Certified Instructors/Range Safety Officers.


Topics covered in class:

  • Legal aspects and responsibilities of concealed carry
  • Discussion of Illinois Law in regards to use of Force/deadly force
  • Non Violent dispute resolution
  • Safe handling and storage of firearms
  • Basic Marksmanship and Range Briefing
  • Gun and Caliber selection for concealed carry and in home protection
  • A Revolver or Semi Auto, What’s the best choice
  • Situational awareness and mental preparation for concealed carry


Private Instruction and lessons are available and both Private and group courses may be taught at your location.
Contact us for more details.



140 West Lenox, Springfield, Illinois 62704 | 217.652.2217
capitalfirearmsacademy@gmail.com | jim.feagans@gmail.com
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